Does Kidney Cancer Cause Lower Back Pain?

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The most common signs and symptoms of kidney cancer

The most common symptom is blood found in the urine (medically called haematuria). Unfortunately, it’s likely to be noticed when the cancer has become advanced. About 50 percent of patients diagnosed with the condition experience this symptom when they first see the doctor.

Nevertheless, most people with haematuria who go to the doctor don’t have kidney cancer. So having this symptom doesn’t always mean that you have the condition. However, it should be investigated seriously.

Haematuria may come and go – it doesn’t have to be there all the time. In some cases, the naked eye cannot see the blood in the urine. Therefore, you usually need to take a urine test if your doctor thinks that you may have a problem with your kidneys.

How about lower back pain?

In general, kidney cancer doesn’t cause lower back pain. If it does affect your back, again it usually causes pain in the upper back especially in the flank (side) area below the ribs. See also differences between back pain and kidney pain!

And back pain alone (even though if it occurs in the flank area) is less likely to be associated with kidney cancer if it doesn’t come with other symptoms of the condition.

Other vogue symptoms
  1. Unusual weight loss.
  2. Heavy sweating and high fever.
  3. Lethargy and tiredness.
  4. Change in appetite, typically lack /loss of appetite.
  5. General feeling of low /poor health.
  6. Symptoms related to hormones produced by the kidneys such as anemia (lack of red blood cells) and high blood pressure.

The symptom that you have can help analyze the underlying cause. But this is usually not enough. Some tests are required for a clearly diagnosis.

If your back pain persists or lasts longer than what you expect, it’s better to seek help promptly. This is particularly true if it occurs with kidney cancer symptoms (especially such as blood in the urine) or other unusual symptoms.

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