Is Kidney Cancer Fast or Slow Growing?

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The symptoms of sarcomatoid renal cancer are not too different as the symptoms of non-sarcomatous kidney cancers. Pain in the flank area and blood in the urine are also the main symptoms. The same goes for test and procedure to diagnose it.


Since sarcomatoid renal cancer is usually fast growing cancer, the treatment is necessary. Immediate treatment is required to control the cancer more effectively and prevent it from spreading!

The treatment may also have an effect!

In fact, kidney cancer is not like prostate cancer. The treatment is often necessary, including for non-sarcomatous kidney cancer.

Another thing to remember, the rate of kidney cancer growth is a variable. In other words, it can be affected by a number of different factors, such as the treatment you’re taking. Some effective treatments are available to help slow the progression of the cancer.

Interestingly – while this cancer usually progresses more quickly without effective treatment, some patients occasionally have periods of stability (in years) without taking any treatment. Even in a few cases, the tumor may disappear without treatment.

In general, many patients with kidney cancer have good life expectancy. You can learn more about the prognosis and outlook of this cancer in this section!

Another interesting thing of kidney cancer, the treatment slightly differs from that of most cancers. For instance, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not the main treatment. Renal cell cancer, the most common kidney cancer type, is often susceptible to immunotherapy. Therefore biological therapy (immunotherapy) is one of the main treatments.

The answer of whether kidney cancer is fast or slow growing cancer can vary. In general, it is dependent on several factors particularly such as the type of cancer, cancer grade, and whether the treatment works effectively. The overall health of patient may also have an effect.

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