Knee Pain after Eating Meat

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What is the correlation between meat and gout?


Eating meat is not specifically pointed can raise the risk of developing gout. When it comes to the diet and the risk of gout, abusing alcohol is the top leading risk factor.

But meat is also high in calories, if you consume it too much you are greater chance of becoming obese. And obesity is a risk factor of gout and other kinds of arthritis (such as osteoarthritis, the most common arthritis).

The body is more likely to produce more uric acid when you eat more foods that are high in purines. Yap, purines breaks down and becomes uric acid in the body.

That’s why, people with gout are commonly recommended to restrict foods that contain purines. And meat is not only rich in saturated fat but also contains purines. Saturated fat can decrease the ability of the body in removing excess uric acid, too.

If you have gout arthritis, eating meat or other animal-based proteins can trigger the flare-up of gout symptoms such as intense joint pain in the affected joint.

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Diet changes can help

If you do believe what you eat affect your joint /knee pain, some diet changes can be essential for coping. The following are some helpful checklists:

  1. Make changes on your fat intake! Get more healthy fats (unsaturated fat) to reduce your saturated fat /trans-fat intake per day! For instance, switch into unsaturated fats (such as healthy fresh fish, nuts, or avocado) and olive oil. But if you have gout, there are also some fish high in purines you need to restrict – see more in here!
  2. Full your diet with more fresh fruits and veggies because they contain essential substances that can help fight against free radicals and even some can be anti-inflammatory agents.
  3. Restrict any refined foods because they can stimulate your body in producing more cytokines (an inflammatory messenger).
  4. Say ‘No’ for too much drinking of alcohol. If you drink it, you need to keep it in moderation (not more than 1 drink a day for women, 2 drinks a day for men). It’s reported that excessive drinking can worsen inflammation in the body. Even it is a risk factor of gout, too – as mentioned before.
  5. Rejoice you choice with some cocoa & dark chocolate – but make sure to eat some that are low in fat and sugar. In the body, they can help slow the signals of producing molecules involved in inflammation.

The use of some herbs such as ginger, garlic, turmeric or other spices rich anti-inflammatory substance is also recommended. They are not only helpful to fight against excess inflammation in the body but also can help spice up and improve the flavor.

 If your joint pain doesn’t improve or even gets worse, or if you in doubt with your condition, it’s much better to see a physician /doctor promptly!


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