Life Expectancy after Kidney Removal

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  1. Any surgery carries some risks. These include the risk of blood loss, blood clots, allergic-reaction to medications, infection, even stroke or heart attack during surgery. Therefore, it’s important to choose a good surgeon /specialist! The good news, now these risks are often successfully eliminated.
  2. In nephrectomy for kidney removal, it also has some potential risks such as injury that affects other organs, hernia of the surgical wound, or the remaining kidney that fails to work as well as expected after surgery.

These risks should be completely discussed with your doctor /surgeon/ specialist before surgery!

What to expect after surgery

Having some discomfort such as pain after treatment is expected – fortunately it is usually controllable. For instance, pain-killers can be prescribed to effectively ease and control your pain.

The recovery time can vary from person to person. You may be able to get out of the bed and recommence drinking /eating the day following the surgery. Most patients usually leave hospital after 2-4 days.

And once you get home, it’s still important to look after your kidney function since you have had a major surgery (even though if you only have small cuts with mild pain).

What to do after kidney removal

As mentioned before, life expectancy after kidney removal is good as long as the remaining kidney works as well as expected.

Most people are still able to have healthy lives with one whole kidney & part of the second –or– with only one kidney. They usually don’t have any significant problem, particularly in the first years.

However even though if your remaining healthy kidney is healthy, having two healthy kidneys are better. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot survive with only one kidney. The most important thing to remember, you need to be more careful to protect and keep your single remaining kidney healthy in long term (learn more in here)!

To preserve your overall kidney function, you are usually suggested to stay with a healthy diet and do your exercise regularly (engage in daily physical activity). You may also need to take regular checkups to keep monitoring your kidney function.

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