Does Liver Disease Cause Headaches

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  1. Cut down on alcohol or avoid it (if possible)! Excessive use of alcohol causes your liver work harder. Alcohol is also one of common allergens that might trigger migraine.
  2. Eating right is always important, especially if something goes awry with your liver. What you eat can play a role to help your liver recovers quickly and prevent the damage from worsening. See also diet with liver disease!
  3. It’s also recommended to stop smoking (if you’re a smoker), have enough sleep, maintain your stress, and exercise regularly!

Furthermore, avoid things that trigger or worsen your head pain. These vary from person to person. The common culprits are as follows:

  1. Foods high in tyramine such as chocolates, aged cheeses, wine, etc.
  2. Foods high in flavor enhancer /additive (MSG).
  3. High nitrate foods (e.g. cured meats, salami, and hot dogs).
  4. Birth control pills that cause extreme hormone fluctuations. The imbalance of particular hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone) may stimulate vascular changes.
  5. Fasting or skipping your meals.
  6. Irregular sleep (changes in your sleep patterns), oversleeping, or lack of sleep.
  7. Overexposure to loud noise, strong odors (perfume), or heat (sunlight).

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