How to Lose Calories without Exercising?

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Theoretically, you can lose and burn calories without exercise if you are moderately active individual. Losing weight without exercising doesn’t mean you don’t need any physical activity. Still, you need to get moving to burn your calories that you get from your diet. But you don’t have to get a special class of weight loss program with a professional trainer, particularly true if you are looking for frugal options. You can explore your daily activity to increase your physical activity without needing to go to the gym.

Do you have to burn more calories than you eat to lose weight?

Yes, you have to do that! In order to make your excessive fat melt away, the amounts of calories that you burn (calories output) must be greater than the amounts of calories that you eat from the diet.

If there is a balance condition (the calories input is equal to the calories output), there is no any change to the level of your weight. And if the calories input are greater than calories output, you will experience weight gain.

So, there are two major options to make your fat melt away; (1) reducing your calories input (eating less) and (2) increasing your calories output (doing more physical activity such as with more work outs). In general, most experts recommend the combination of both options (eat less and get moving more) to help you lose weight faster.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for many people to stick on the counting calories over time. Many times, counting calories can be very bothersome for obese people.

But actually you don’t need to do it all the time. The goal of  counting calories is to make you get used on choosing the right portion sizes of foods for your weight control. So once you get used with counting calories and then you stop it, you will have a better idea of what an ‘appropriate normal portion size’ is!

In addition, if you have a plan to reduce your calories input – make sure to avoid a crash diet! Drastically cutting your calories can be counterproductive for your weight loss program.

weight_loss_scale_illustrationYou may ever have an idea on getting very low calories such as much lower than 1,200 calories /day to lose more pounds of weight faster. Yap, it may be able to provide a significant result of your decreased weight scale at short time. But you might not be able to stick with it all the time.

And once you get back on your normal diet, you will gain weight again. Furthermore, eating very few calories a day is also not good for your metabolism in long term. When the body gets fewer or even much fewer calories that it needs, the metabolic rate also will work more slowly.

And if this occurs too often, it can be a nightmare for your weight control because it can decrease your metabolic rate. As well we know, having bad metabolism means greater risk of gaining weight.

So it’s much more recommended to stay close on the minimum level of your calorie requirement – and at the same time, increase your physical activity to burn more calories!

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Losing weight without working out – how does it work?

Your body needs energy to make a physical movement. And the energy can be produced from burning calories that delivered from foods that you eat. More physical motions you do, more calories that you burn!

And losing calories without exercising doesn’t mean you don’t need to do any physical activity.

If you can do a regular exercise, it can be great to increase the amounts of calories that you burn. Unfortunately, not all people (especially for obese people) are able to do that!

But don’t worry – there are a lot of daily activities that you can explore to help make your body move more spontaneously and convert the status of your physical activity from sedentary to become moderately active. The following are some helpful tips!

Playing a game that can trigger your body sweats more!

There are now many modern games that you can play and make you get moving more such as Wii-Fit, Rock Band, Just Dance, etc. You can play those games by standing so thus can trigger your body to get moving and sweating with fun. This can be one of painless weight loss ideas that you should try!

Playing with kids

Some people don’t realize that kids also can make them move more. Avoid taking the word babysitting literally! You should be active when you are seeing kids. So, why not try playing tag with any kid around you or you can also try climbing on the playground equipment, and so on.

Get moving more with chores!

While doing a chore, why not to sneak in more steps to burn more calories! Don’t be lazy to use stairs in your home! For instance, if there are some rooms in your home and you need to throw away trash from all of these rooms. Do it in some different sections!

Head upstairs and take trash from one room, then take downstairs to go outside of your house to throw out the trash into the garbage can. Repeat this for every room so thus you get more intensity of physical activity!

Get talking eye-to-eye!

In line with the development of technology, there are lots of gadgets that can reduce your intensity of talking eye-to-eye /face-to-face with your friends. And this can indirectly affect the level of your physical activity throughout the day.

So, it’s much better to reduce texting with your friends. Instead, choose talking eye-to-eye with them while you go for a walk together.

Bike to school or bike to work

If you love biking, why not to use a bike and ride on it when you want to go to your school or office! This can be also great for your heart and reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Do some simple movements when waiting the bus

Any little motion that you do can help burn more calories. So, you should not just stand there when waiting for the bus. For instance, you can try some motions such as sway, rock, pace, or move from side to side when waiting your bus.

Get more stand ups!

There are a lot of things you can do by standings – such as playing a game, as written before. Other things you can do include; watch TV by standing (instead of sitting on the chair or lying down on the couch), stand up when playing your gadget or while on your phone, etc.


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