How to Lose Calories without Exercising?

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But on the other hand, when eating your meals, avoid standing. Eating while standing can make you lose control on what you eat and also will make you feel hunger faster.

Walking and more walking

We all agree that walking is the easiest and cheapest option of exercise. You don’t need to go to the gym to do it, because anywhere and anytime it can be done.

You should be creative on exploring your daily activities to get more walking. For instance, if your school is not too far from your home, you can walk to go to the school. Or if you drive to your office, you can choose a parking spot that is a little bit farther.


Most people love dancing. And you can use it to burn more calories with fun. There are some activities that you can do with dance.

For example, when listening your favorite music, do it with some little motions of dance. When you are getting dressed in the morning, why not to crank up the tunes in the room so thus you can dance and move your body more – this idea also can help energize your body in the morning before starting your activity.


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