How to Lose A Double Chin in 2 Weeks?

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With tinny incisions (typically one or two incisions), excess fat is removed through an inserted small liposuction cannula to sculpt a natural contour of youthful jawline. This procedure is a quick fix. Even probably you could have it at lunch.

Following the invasive procedure of neck liposuction, you usually will use a supportive chin strap for a few days. Swelling or bruising is common afterwards, but this is temporary and should relieve in several days. You should be able to return to your full activity a couple of weeks after the operation.

For some people neck liposuction is worth a try, though it requires incisions. Also, there is downtime but minimal. It provides permanent results as long as you keep maintain your healthy weight. And typically, it only requires one treatment to achieve final results.

Regardless though, surgery is surgery. It’s important to completely understand any potential risks during and after the operation, discus with your specialist for more guidance! Furthermore, it doesn’t work for everyone. It doesn’t significantly resolve sagging skin. So it’s probably more recommended for younger patients. If your chin looks saggy a lot, neck lift surgery may be suggested [2].

The takeaway! It seems each treatment has drawbacks. But if you don’t hurry up to see your expected results, non-invasive procedures are worth a try. In fact, many people are likely to avoid surgical procedures just for a medically inconsequential thing such as double chin.


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