Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Healthfully for Kids

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  1. Start off your meal with vegetable appetizer such as choosing salad instead of bread!
  2. If you got the dessert, it’s much better to share it with your family. Don’t practice eating a dessert on a single plate on your own in front of your kids because they will follow it which means more calories will be putted as fat in the body.
  3. Prioritize eating whole foods or foods in their most natural states! For instance, it’s better to choose grilled skinless breast chicken than fried chicken nuggets.

Track how many hours your child spend for watching TV or playing a computer game!


If there are too many hours for your child just for watching TV or other activities that trigger them to become sedentary individual, this can be bad for her /his weight control because there will be less calories burned trough physical activity.

If you find that her /she has too many hours of watching TV, decrease it gradually up to not more than 2 hours per day. Attract your child with a list of some activities that she /he loves and can enjoy so thus the temptation of getting screen time can be reduced.

Other helpful tips

Again, there are lots of things you can explore that can help improve the weight problem in children. Here are other tips:

  1. It’s not bad idea to assess your child’s retain food environment in order to have a better idea in understanding the differences and current landscapes in accessibility to healthy and healthier foods.
  2. If there is a daily physical program in school of your kid, support it! Find and support also daily physical activities in kid care facilities that can help improve the weight problem of your kid. More physical activity that your kids have will be better for weight control.
  3. It’s also great idea to participate in putting salad bars in schools.

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