Low Blood Sugar without Diabetes (Symptoms and Causes)

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In non-diabetics, low blood sugar may occur due to one /some of the following reasons:

  1. Certain health conditions. These may include problems affecting the liver,  cancer or tumor that interfere with the insulin production (such as pancreas cancer), a personal history of surgery in stomach area, pituitary gland diseases, and adrenal gland problems (such as Addison’s disease).
  2. Some critical conditions (such as long term starvation due to eating disorder, severe hepatitis, or problem of kidneys).
  3. Abusing alcohol (bad habits of drinking alcohol too much)! Excessive alcohol consumption (especially when you drink with empty stomach) may ruin the normal mechanism of converting glycogen stored in the liver to become glucose.
  4. Reactive hypoglycemia (too much insulin produced and released in the bloodstream). Your risk of having reactive hypoglycemia is high if you have bad habit of eating a large meal at short time. When you eat a large meal at once, this can trigger your pancreas to produce a lot of insulin at short time (bad for your insulin sensitivity in long term).

Accidentally taking insulin or glucose-lowering medicines in people without diabetes may lead to hypoglycemia. Kids who play for long hours and tend to neglect their foods are also at greater chance to develop the condition.

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