Low Cost Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Florida

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What to remember before paying cash

It seems paying cash is more practical if you have enough budget. But don’t forget to also calculate costs of follow-up appointments and treating complications after surgery. The likelihood of serious complications and death is very low after gastric sleeve surgery, but it’s quite possible to have some short and long term complications afterwards!


If there is no policy to cover weight loss surgery in your insurance plan, in all likelihood it also doesn’t cover the costs of complications or health problems associated with surgery (except for emergency treatment).

So, it’s important to calculate after-surgery costs. The good news, there are packages of gastric sleeve surgery with one bundled price that also include costs of complications.

So ask your surgeons first before making deal! They should be willing to work with you to meet your financial requirement most. To avoid surprise down the road, it’s recommended to always ask and negotiate up-front price that covers all services!

If there are certain services not included in the up-front price (e.g. surgical assistant fees, pre-operative testing, and radiologist fees), ask them about an estimate of what these additional services will cost!

Low surgical cost with medical travel option

Also called medical tourism, medical travel option is sometimes a good way to get affordable weight loss surgery without ignoring your concern of getting top-notch medical care. The best bet (easy to get to from Florida) is Mexico.

The operation cost in Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery is only about $5,000 (more affordable than in US and Canada). But it’s also important to make sure everything is safe.

Is gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico safe? With proper precautions, it can be one of your safe choices. Here are a few precautions you need to understand.

  1. Be informed to any information about the quality and safety standards of weight loss surgery in Mexico! In fact, many Americans have been travelling to this country to look for more affordable surgery, and nowadays they keep coming back.
  2. Do your own research to find the best one. Ask anyone in your local area whose been there – do as much planning as possible to increase your chance of having successful medical travel surgery.
  3. If possible, choose Mexico hospitals that are qualified with JCI certification. JCI, the Joint Commission International, is an international division from the Joint Commission (the respected hospital accreditation agency in the US).
  4. Since there are only a few hospitals with JCI certification in Mexico, hospitals with CSG certification (a reputable accreditation from the Mexican Ministry of Health) are also good idea.

How about non-accredited options? A few great, reputable hospitals in Mexico are not accredited for various reasons. However, if you decide to use one of them, make sure the practice is reputable and qualified for gastric sleeve surgery!


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