Menstrual Period Linked to IBS symptoms in Women

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Typically, the symptoms of this syndrome may flare up after eating a meal or after eating certain foods. The trigger foods for irritable bowel syndrome vary from patient to patient. Therefore, most patients must take a trial process of diet to find specific foods that trigger the symptoms as much as possible.

This digestive problem is also often recurrent during stressful period. That’s why, patients need also to manage their stress as well.

Some experts believe that patients with irritable bowel syndrome have altered levels of chemicals in the body that are important to transmit gastrointestinal hormones and nerve signals. These chemicals are called ‘neurotransmitters’. And there may be a link between these chemicals and changes of reproductive hormones in women.

Unfortunately, there is still not adequate scientific evidence to confirm the connection of these issues – more studies are needed!

If you have IBS and the symptoms often get worse during menstruation, ask your doctor for more advice! She /he may prescribe you PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) drugs or some oral contraceptives if necessary to cope with the symptoms.

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