Metastatic Kidney Cancer Prognosis

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Cancer grading

It is a procedure to closely observe the cancer cells under the microscope to see how they look like if compared to normal cells. It can help evaluate how the cancer will behave. The higher score of cancer grade means the cancer tends to become more aggressive and harder to treat.

Your general health

How well you are may also have an effect on the prognosis of your metastatic kidney cancer. For instance, it can affect the kind of cancer treatment you can take.

Your age

If compared to older patients with kidney cancer, younger patients are more likely to live and survive slightly longer. Because younger patients tend to have better general health, and also respond the treatment better!

Treatment options for metastatic kidney cancer

The treatment is dependent on several factors such as the general health of patient and how extensive the metastatic cancer is.

Surgery is not common treatment option for metastatic cancer, but sometimes it may still be a part of the treatment plan. It is usually only used if patients are well enough or able to recover from the operation.

If patient is in good enough health, surgery may be recommended to remove both the affected kidney and the metastasis. For example, In rare cases surgery can be used to remove metastatic cancer that only affects small area or spreads to one area of the body (such as to a few spots in the lung).

And if the primary kidney cancer appears to be removable but the cancer cells have spread extensively, removing the affected kidney with surgery may still be helpful. But this is usually followed with systemic therapy to shrink and kill the advanced metastasis.

However many times, again surgery is not the option for metastatic cancer. Once the cancer cells have spread, it’s usually not possible to completely remove them with surgery.

Systematic therapy for cancer can be used alone without surgery. And this is usually the main treatment option for metastatic cancer. For advanced kidney cancer, biological therapy is one of the most commonly used treatments. Other treatments may include radiotherapy, cryotherapy (freezing therapy), and radiofrequency ablation.

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