Mineral, Protein and Vitamin Deficiency in Causing Hair Loss

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The good news, hair loss associated with protein deficiency is treatable. Once you fixed the balance, your can bring your hair back.

Should you take a supplement to help deal with?

First, you need to completely understand that supplement is not a single cure for hair loss. As the name suggests, it is only a complementary option. The result of taking supplement is closely associated with the cause of your hair loss.

If lack of specific nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, or protein) are the main culprits, supplements would help a lot.

Furthermore, it’s also very important to get to know the clearly answer about a specific nutrient deficiency that you are experiencing.

For instance, if you are not at lack of iron and then you take iron supplement – this can be counterproductive. Even iron overload may increase your risk of developing certain health conditions.

To keep safe and for more guidance, consult with your dermatologist /doctor before taking a supplement!

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