Missed Period with Negative Pregnancy Test

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When you are in the phase of perimenopause, you may begin to have less frequent menstruation cycle – but there is still a chance for you to conceive. Therefore, you should keep taking your birth control pills if you don’t have a plan for pregnancy.

And for menopause, it is the point of a woman’s life when she is no longer to have menstruation and ovulation. In addition, menopause also can come earlier (this case called ‘premature menopause’). This kind of menopause can be caused by certain serious diseases, such as cancer and its treatment.


There are many women with breastfeeding who experience missed period. In this group, women usually will get back their regular menstruation after they have completed breastfeeding. During exclusively breastfeeding, hormones-related breastfeeding can block the process of ovulation and menstruation!

Certain diseases

Sometimes late period also can be an early sign of certain health conditions – particularly true if it is also followed with some unusual symptoms. Certain health problems that can be associated with late period may include:

  1. Problems associated with organs of pelvic, such as Asherman’s syndrome, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), imperforate hymen, etc.
  2. Uterine scarring! This problem is usually caused by certain medical procedures or certain diseases. If your uterine is scarred, there is a chance for this scarring to affect the normal shedding /buildup of your uterine lining in bleeding in the end of your menstruation cycle.
  3. Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)! It can affect the production of prolactin (another kind of horomone that also has crucial function to support hypothalamus and maintain the women’s menstruation cycle).

If you in doubt to your late period and other problems associated with it, consult more with a doctor for more advice!


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