Natural Treatments for Plaque Psoriasis

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A good stress management

While stress can be a trigger of the flares, it also can worsen the symptoms of psoriasis. So, it is important to have a good stress management.


For more detailed information about the issue of stress & psoriasis, and how to cope with stress – visit this section!

Stay close with healthy lifestyles for healthy weight!

It’s not clear whether there is a link between what you eat and psoriasis. But it’s clear that staying with a healthy and well-balanced diet can help control your weight.

And as well we know that obesity is a risk factor of the problem. Furthermore, eating right can be so essential to help reduce the risk of complications from the disease. See also the link between diet and psoriasis!

Along with healthy diet, exercise also should be included in the treatment plan. With regular exercise, you can be easier to control your weight and improve overall health & wellbeing

Avoid other triggers!

The triggers are things that can make the problem flares up or can worsen the symptoms. These triggers may vary, but generally the following are some of them:

  1. Alcohol. There is a report that alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Visit this section for in-depth information about this issue!
  2. Smoking! It also can make the symptoms get worse. If you are a smoker – consider quitting!
  3. Too hot or too cold temperature! When the weather changes dramatically, you may need to apply moisturizer more often throughout the day. Use also a humidifier in your room (especially during dry season) to help keep your skin moist!
  4. Avoid any unusual practices on your skin such as picking skin or scratching to reduce the chance of developing any cuts, scraps, or even infection on your skin! An injury or infection to the skin can be a starting point for your plaques psoriasis to flare up.

Pay attention to some medicines that can cause flare-ups!

If you are taking medicines, make sure to tell all of them to your doctor and ask whether they can affect your problem or interact with medicines for your plaque psoriasis!

The following are some medicines that can worsen the problem:

  1. Some medicines for heart arrhythmias, particularly such as Quinidex or Cardioquin.
  2. Medicines for heart problems, particularly such as Propranalol.
  3. Lithium, commonly used for psychiatric disorders!

*The effects of these medicines can vary from sufferer to sufferer. But in general, they are not recommended for people with psoriasis. If you are taking one or some of them, your doctor can recommend alternative choice to substitute.

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