Normal Blood Pressure for Men Over 50

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It’s important for everyone to control blood pressure level, especially if you’re now over the age of 50. High blood pressure could be fatal if poorly controlled.


The good news, hypertension is preventable. With appropriate strategies, you can manage it as well. Even many times the condition improves with lifestyle measures.

However, sometimes medications are required. Each medication has side effect, but the benefits should outweigh the risks. If you’re on medications for hypertension, take the medications as your doctor suggests!

Ask about screening tests you need most!

As well we know, there are lots of diseases that tend to occur in elderly people.

For instances, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and colorectal cancer increases as you get older. For this reason, it’s not bad idea to ask your doctor whether there are screening tests you need to take!

A screening test is intended to help diagnose a health problem as early as possible so thus the problem can be treated immediately before it gets worse and becomes advanced. Early treatment usually provides a better outcome!

Also, you may be asked to regularly check your blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and uric acid levels — depending on your situation! Fore more guidance, ask your healthcare provider!

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