Osteoarthritis Affects More Women than Men, Why?

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But what is the link between genetic factor and the issue of why osteoarthritis (OA) affects more women than men?

The answer of whether OS is genetic disease is still debatable. But it does run in families, this chance may be greater among women!

If you are a woman and have a mother with OA, you will probably find that you will have the same condition in the same joints and even at the same age of when your mother had it. This doesn’t mean you will definitely have it, but your risk is greater.

Joint replacement is more common in men than women

Though this kind of arthritis is relatively more common to be found in women, but doctors are less likely to recommend joint replacement for them. Instead, this option tends to be recommended for men with OA.

The reason may be due to men are relatively more active than women. If you have OA and you are less active or not active, you are more likely to manage the disease conservatively. On the other hand, if you keep active even though you have a joint disease such as OA, there is greater chance to use the joint more often including for the affected joint.

While exercise is recommended for arthritis, there are is also greater chance of getting injury that can worsen the affected joint by arthritis particularly true if you choose the wrong exercise or push yourself too far /beyond your body’s limit!

But in general, the major reason of why you need to take a joint replacement may be about the level of pain you feel. If the affected joint become so painful and doesn’t improve with other treatments, a joint replacement surgery can be considered by your doctor.

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