Paresthesia in Multiple Sclerosis – How and Why?

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MS can affect the nerves and even may cause nerves damage. For this reason, there is a chance for people with MS to experience some symptoms of paresthesia.

The exact cause of MS is still not known, however there are some theories.

Experts believe that the combination of environmental factors, genetics, and infections of certain viruses may play a key role to lead to the malfunction of the body’s immune system in attacking the spinal cord and brain.

The discomfort sensations of paresthesia in MS may start from feet or hands – then would progressively become advanced and affect other parts of the body.

Also, paresthesia symptoms may occur with or without a multiple sclerosis relapse. The symptoms are likely to get worse at night or with exposure of hot temperature.

The symptoms may cause sleeping problems (such as lack of deep sleep or even insomnia). If they significantly disturb your sleep, ask a doctor to find appropriate treatment!


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