Does Peanut Butter Raise Blood Pressure?

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Two tablespoons of peanut butters contain about 12.3 grams (unsaturated fats), and 3.3 grams (saturated fats), and about 5 milligrams of sodium – there are also available some that are labeled with ‘unsalted’.


The good news, peanut butters are also loaded with other essential nutrients such as fiber, minerals, and some essential vitamins. Even they are one of good sources for your dietary potassium intake.

Potassium is so important to help the body in maintaining your systolic and diastolic pressures. It can help decrease the excess sodium in cells of your body. That’s why potassium deficiency is linked with increased rate of hypertension, as noted before.

Both salted and unsalted peanut butters are rich in potassium. Even for salted one can still provide ‘twice’ as much potassium as salt (sodium)!

However if you have hypertension, it’s more recommended to choose some that are unsalted to get the most health advantage for your blood pressure.

Now you understand that peanut butters can be good for your blood pressure. But again, make sure to use and consume them in moderation.

Remember, even healthiest foods also contain some calories. If you don’t watch on your calories of each food you eat, there is chance that the input of your calories a day is higher than that you burn (calories output). This can put you at greater chance of gaining more excessive pounds of weight.

And as written before, overweight can be bad for your BP! In fact, hypertension is more common in obese people than those with healthy weight.


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