Do People with Low Blood Pressure Feel Cold?

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  1. Pale skin.
  2. Changes in the pattern of breathing (shallow /rapid breathing).
  3. Fatigue without known reason.
  4. Depression.
  5. Unusual thirst.
  6. Changes in vision (blurred vision). Feeling nausea with unknown reason
  7. Poor in concentration (difficulty concentrating). The decreased volume of blood that flows to the brain can make you become difficult to get a concentration.
  8. Light headache /dizziness.
  9. Cold.
  10. A sudden drop of blood pressure may also cause fainting that can put you at risk of injury from falls.

What else you should know?

Hypotension typically occurs after eating or while switching from lying down /sitting to standing – or after standing for many hours. This is pretty common in elderly people – see also the effects of your body’s positions on your blood pressure in here.

The cause of hypotension can vary, from mild problems such as dehydration or deficiencies of essential nutrients to serious health problems such as severe infection or heart problems. Moreover, sometime pregnancy also can be a trigger factor.

Low blood pressure is usually not serious, especially if it doesn’t cause any symptom.

However if you get it and you feel fine, it’s much better to see a doctor for more advice. For this case, your doctor is likely to monitor your overall health in routine exams in order to make sure that everything is ok.

Overall, how much your BP drops is not the major concern. But the matter is how fast it drops!


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