Why Do Periods Cause Bloating?

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Make sure to get plenty of physical activity!

It’s recommended to stay physically active! The sweating that you get from moderate exercise may help improve the abdominal bloating.


Exercise may also be helpful to reduce or prevent abdominal bloating in your next period – particularly if you do it as a part of your lifestyle (do your exercise regularly)!

Furthermore, exercise is also great to improve your mood (natural cure to cope with your mood swing).

Heating pads may also help!

If you have bloating and followed with cramps, the use of heating pads can help. This idea is helpful to calm cramping by relaxing your uterus and belly.

Control your stress!

As mentioned before, stress can worsen the symptoms of PMS, including bloating. This emotional problem may also be linked with abdominal bloating in non-menstrual condition.

For these reasons, it’s important to have a good stress management. Many times, stress is inevitable condition – but you can control and manage it!

Here is some relaxation techniques to help manage your stress!

What else?

To make your effort in improving the major PMS symptoms work more effectively, it’s much better to write down the self-management attempts and the improvement of the symptoms in a journal /diary over the course of 2-4 months.

If after trying self-management for several months, but there is still no significant improvement with the major PMS symptoms, it’s much better to see a gynecologist or healthcare provider to keep safe and for more advice!


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