Post Pregnancy Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment

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Take supplements if necessary!

Since you still breastfeed your baby and your body still need time to get back what you had before pregnancy, consult first with your doctor to keep safe before taking any supplement!  

If necessary, your doctor may recommend one /some of the following supplements:

  1. Zinc – it is commonly safe if prescribed in low doses.
  2. Category-A of Vitamin C.
  3. Vitamin E, mostly prescribed at doses that is not over than the safe level of RDA.
  4. Biotin.
  5. Category-A of vitamin B complex.

If you still have some prenatal vitamins, make sure you continuously take them. If there is no any left, ask your doctor whether you should take some prenatal vitamins after delivery.

Other tips

  1. Shampoos that contain silica and biotin are commonly more recommended. Harmful chemicals on hair must be avoided!
  2. You can try with a wide-toothed comb. It can be used to untangle your hairs – particularly will be very helpful when they are wet.
  3. Wear a hat if necessary when you want to go outside in the middle of day to protect them from scorching sun!
  4. Control and manage your stress. Sometimes being a new mom can be stressful and it may also trigger your hair to fall out.

In addition, if you think that birth control pills that you consume before /after pregnancy may contribute in causing your unusual hair loss, discuss with your doctor for more advice!


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