Pregnancy Stages First Trimester (4, 8, 12 Weeks)

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(I) At 4 weeks (the first month of first trimester)!

Some major characteristics in this stage include:

  1. The length of fetus is about one-twenty-fifth inch.
  2. The crucial parts of heart begin to form.
  3. Leg and arm buds come into view.
  4. Other crucial parts of your baby (spinal cord and brain) have started to form.

(II) At 8 weeks (the second month of pregnancy)!

Some crucial processes after the 8th week of pregnancy include:

  1. All major (crucial) external body structures & organs have started to form.
  2. There is now also a heart beat – the beats of your baby’s heart go with a regular rhythm.
  3. The eyelids have developed and the eyes of your baby have moved forward on her/his face.
  4. The sex organs also start to develop in this stage.
  5. There is also now a clearly umbilical cord.
  6. Your baby now has legs and arms that will grow longer. Furthermore, toes and fingers also have started to form.
  7. Your baby looks more like a human at the end of the second month of your pregnancy. For the size, your baby is about less than 1/8 ounce in weight and about almost 1 inch in length.

(III) At 12 weeks (the end of the first trimester)

At this stage, the progresses of your baby’s growth include:

Stage of third month (12 weeks) of pregnancy
  1. There is a sign (the baby can create /make a fist) that the muscles and nerves now start to work together.
  2. Now the gender of your baby can be identified (a girl/boy)! A pregnant woman who takes ultrasound test at early weeks of second trimester usually can get to know her baby’s sex.
  3. The eyes of baby begin to develop to be perfect. Therefore now the eyelids close in order to protect the development of the eyes. And then your baby’s eyelids will not open until at 28th week /early weeks of the third trimester.
  4. The growth of head of your baby has slowed, but the body of your baby looks longer and will grow more in line with the age of your pregnancy. At the end of 1st trimester, the size of your baby is about nearly 1 ounce in weight and about 3 inches in length.

* For more detailed information, consult and discuss with a doctor!


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