How to Prevent Psoriasis from Spreading?

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Smoking and alcohol

Some studies found that smoking can put you at greater chance of having habit of drinking too much alcohol. And both are bad for psoriasis.

Smoking may have a direct link in worsening the symptoms or triggering the flares. The more you smoke – the greater chance for the flares to recur. In smokers with psoriasis, the problem is often found on the feet and hands.

Furthermore, smoking can be bad for the balance of your healthy cholesterol, which can be bad for the effort in preventing the complications of the disease. Psoriasis is reported can increase the risk of some cardiovascular diseases, and having high cholesterol can increase this risk!

Therefore if you are a smoker and if you do love your overall health, you need to consider quitting!

For the link between alcohol and psoriasis, visit this section!

During flares, both smoking and drinking alcohol (particularly too much drinking) can worsen the problem and eventually will have an effect in increasing the chance of the problem to spread to other areas.

Certain medicines

Some medicines are reported can worsen the problem. These include lithium, some beta blockers, and ACE inhibitors. Some medicines for malaria such as NSAIDs and Plaqueni also can make the problem get worse.

If you are taking any medicine for other health conditions, make sure to tell your doctor! While some medicines can worsen psoriasis, they may also interact with other treatments for psoriasis.

Both too cold and too dry weather

Extremely changes in weather can affect the problem. Many sufferers find that the problem can get worse in the winter and tends to improve in sunny climates.

During cold & dry weather, you may need to moisturize the skin more often. If necessary, use a humidifier to help keep the humidity of your room ideal for your skin!

Avoid gluten!

It’s not clear whether gluten does have an effect in affecting psoriasis, but some sufferers find that eating gluten can trigger the problem and make the symptoms get worse.

If you in doubt whether you are sensitive to gluten, it’s much better to avoid gluten during flares. The foods that can be a trigger of the problem may vary from sufferer to sufferer. Visit this section for other foods that are considered bad for psoriasis!

Stress management

During flares, stress can strike anytime. It comes from many factors from the symptoms of the disease (particularly such as itching) to social issues in interacting with other people.

Many experts agree that stress can be a trigger and also can worsen the symptoms. So it’s so essential to cope with stress.

Stress can be an inevitable condition, but it can be managed. For other tips to help cope with stress and more detailed information about the link between stress and psoriasis, visit this section!

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