Prostate Cancer and Fish Oil Connection

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Taking too much fish oil supplement is not the single issue. Diet too high in folate might increase the risk, too. According to one study, men with more folate in their blood have greater risk of prostate cancer than others with normal level.

However, this finding is not final yet. Even some studies found no connection. But if you currently take folic acid supplements with no prescription, it’s time to rethink your strategy – especially true if you don’t have deficiency of folate!


Based on limited trial and evidence, cadmium might become a potential cause of prostate cancer. The risk is about 14 percent higher in men with diet too high in cadmium.

For nonsmokers, food is the main source of getting exposure to cadmium. And in smokers, their tobacco can be another main exposure.

Vitamin D

With calcium, vitamin D is so essential to help maintain bone strength and to support other body functions. But based on limited European studies, males with highest level of vitamin D in their blood might have 17 percent increased risk of prostate cancer.

But vitamin D is currently not officially linked to prostate cancer. More evidence is required to confirm this link!


Males with the highest calcium intake may have about 39 % increased risk of developing this cancer. This finding is based on limited evidence.

Even WCRF/AICR (the World Cancer Research Fund / American Institute for Cancer Research) puts calcium (specifically for too much dietary calcium) as potential factor to trigger prostate cancer.

The exact cause of most cancers (including for prostate cancer) is not known. Dietary factor may have contribution to increase the risk. But as long as you eat anything in balance, there should be nothing to worry!

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