Psoriasis Scar Removal Cream and Home Remedies

Psoriasis is a skin problem that can lead to skin cells to rapidly move to the outermost layer of the skin and then accumulate, resulting thick scales and followed with some uncomfortable symptoms such as pain and itching. After healing, it may cause scar. Does psoriasis scar removal cream work? It should help but other home remedies and even additional medical interventions may be needed.

Skin scars – what actually are they?

They are patches of skin that formed and grow over a wound. There are many causes of scars, and generally they come from the mechanism of the body in healing itself after getting a burn, sore, or cut.

You can also get them from surgery, skin infections, or some skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Typically, they are often thicker than the rest of the skin which may cause discoloration (their appearance can be shinier, pinker, or redder).

The problem can get worse when other external factors are involved, particularly such as scratching. It’s not always easy to deal with the urge of itching on the affected skin. But scratching is not your real answer – instead, it can worsen the problem and also cause more noticeable scars after the problem improves.

image_illustration155The appearance of your scars can be associated with some of the following factors:

  1. The time of how long the wound to heal.
  2. The location of where the scar occurs.
  3. The size of the wound itself.
  4. The deep of the wound also has an effect.
  5. Other factors can be your age and inherited tendency to scar.

Some scars can go away completely, but many times they still can be noticed after many years (mostly, they never go away completely).

Psoriasis scars – how do they come?

While they can cause skin discoloration, skin discoloration itself is also one of the reasons to make them more visible. And the skin cell inflammation is the answer because it can destroy melanocytes (pigment cells), resulting changes in skin pigmentation.

When your skin gets injured, fibroblasts (one of special skin cells) make collagen (a fiber-like protein substance that can fill, improve, and close the wound on the affected skin).

Collagen is an essential element of your skin and it can be found in your normal skin tissue.

But in scar tissue, the fibers of collagen can be numerous & more injudiciously arranged – resulting thicker and discoloration skin that can be easier to be noticed.

Psoriasis should only cause mild scars, even it is rarely associated with scaring after healing. But the problem usually comes from the urge of scratching, and scratching the affected skin can worsen skin inflammation and cause more scars, as noted before.

Does psoriasis scar removal cream work?

The prognosis and outlook of each case may vary, particularly dependent on the severity and how well you manage your psoriasis. For instance, old scars that are affected by psoriasis for the second time can be more difficult to be removed.

But in general, creams that contain active ingredients for scar removal should help. However, it’s not a magic formula. It may take several months or even years to see to the improvement.

And one thing you need to know, cream and other topical treatments usually don’t remove the scars completely. But they can help make the scars less noticeable.

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