Relationship between Obesity and Osteoarthritis

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Some people think that they should stop or avoid exercising to prevent the further damage if they have arthritis – but this is the wrong opinion. Instead, exercise can provide a lot of benefits to help control the disease and improve the overall health.

Even there is strong evidence that both resistance and endurance types of exercise can help provide considerable disease-specific advantages for individuals with osteoarthritis (OA), according to one study. With the avoidance of joint injury and weight control, exercise may also be effective to prevent OA.

Appropriate exercise can strengthen muscles surrounding the joint. These muscles can help provide extra protection and reduce excessive pressure that hits the articular cartilage of the joint.

While exercise can provide a direct impact in controlling the disease or reduce the risk of the disease, it’s also the most effective way to help control your weight. So although you have OA, you still need to get plenty of physical activity!

However, there may be some adjustments you need to concern before starting your exercise in responding your osteoarthritis. For instance, you need to start your exercise gradually and it’s more recommended to choose exercises with low impact on your joint. Talk first with your GP /healthcare provider to keep safe!

In general, the following are common kinds of exercises recommended for people with OA:

  1. Strengthening exercises! They are recommended since they can help improve the strength of muscles that support your joints.
  2. Cardio exercise with low impact, such as swimming and walking.
  3. Agility and balance exercises! They can be helpful to improve your daily living skills.
  4. Exercises to maintain your joints limber such as range-of-motion activities are also good choice.

Diet and supplements

Some supplements are claimed can help for people with OA. But in fact, this claim is not supported with adequate scientific evidence. See this section for in-depth information about this issue!

Currently, there is no specific diet for OA. But if diet does help, the confirmed reason is because it can help control your weight.

No matter what you think about diet and OA, a well-balanced diet is still important for your entire health and helpful to keep your weight off.

OA is more common in women, as noted before. If you are a woman over 30 and concern about the risk of arthritis, this article may help for your weight control.

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