How to Relieve Gastritis Pain Quickly

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However, again what to avoid in gastritis diet can vary among gastritis sufferers. So it’s not bad idea to track your symptoms and do small experiment for any other foods that might worsen your pain – such as coffee (caffeine), tea, tomatoes, dairy products, or something else.

What else?

Being sedentary (lack of physical activity) may weaken your abdominal muscles and increases more pounds of fats on your abdominal cavity. So start exercising as soon as possible when you’re ready – and do it regularly!

Exercise is a natural anti-inflammatory booster to help relieve the inflammation of your stomach lining more quickly. Bonus, it is also a great remedy to boost your immune functions.

Controlling your stress is important, too. High-tension, uncontrolled stress can cause a spike in stomach acid, which makes your gastritis pain more painful. It may also ruin your body immune system.

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to cope with stress, especially when your pain flares up. If necessary, participate in stress relieving practices such as yoga, meditation, tai-chi, and acupuncture.

Also, try to always sleep well at night, because sleep deprivation can also be your stress trigger.

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