Sagging Skin after Menopause, Does PRP Work?

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  1. Removing deep creases.
  2. Diminishing skin scars.
  3. Reducing skin wrinkles.
  4. Improving skin complexion.
  5. And also would help get rid of sagging skin.

PRP doesn’t work for everyone. In essence, it’s not recommended if you have certain conditions that affect platelets, making the procedure less effective so it wouldn’t provide the expected results.


For examples, it’s not recommended if you have any blood cancer, skin cancer, HIV/AIDs, taking a blood thinner for cardiovascular disease, and hepatitis C [6].

How long does it take to see the improvements? This varies, but in general the full improvements would appear for weeks to months. Many times, more than one treatment is required to get the expected results. Mostly it requires 3 treatments, though sometimes more than 3 treatments may also be suggested (depending on your situations).

Another thing to consider is the cost. The procedure costs a fortune — each treatment may spend for about $300 to $1,500! And unfortunately, it’s not covered by medical insurances since it’s considered as a cosmetic procedure (not reconstructive).

Since it’s still categorized into unproven treatment, though anecdotal reports are hard to resist, see a board-certified dermatologist for more advice!


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