Sagging Skin with Brown Spots Remedy

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Honey is good in taste, we love foods containing honey. And there are a number of medicinal properties found in honey. In fact honey has been used as a medicine, including in skin care regimen, since ancient times.


It has healing properties which some may help ease your sagging skin and age spots, though the medicinal value of honey in dermatology is not fully understood yet (more research is required) [10]. However, people believe that it is a fox remedy with almost no risk. We know well honey is very mild, well-tolerated for most people except for those who’re allergic to. You can topically use it frequently.

With its high antioxidant property, it’s also credited with slowing down skin aging. Plus, it’s loaded with other essential things to provide many beneficial qualities for skin health such as antibacterial & anti-fungal properties, hydrating dry skin (moisturizer), and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these properties are good for your skin health and firmness.

Does it really work? There is still no specific conclusive evidence to confirm the effectiveness of honey for lightening brown, age spots. But since it is a natural exfoliator, applying on the skin would help exfoliate dead skin cells of your skin (including dead pigmented skin).

Just pour a few drops of honey on your hand, and rub it with your finger to the treatment area and leave it for a while (probably about 15-25 minutes) – then rinse off. Or dilute it first with purified water so it becomes less sticky!

To help provide tightening effect on your skin, mix honey with white egg. Egg white is full of protein albumin, which is required to help rebuild your skin cells and boost your skin’s elasticity. Mix 1 egg white and 2 tablespoon of honey, then topically apply the mixture to the affected skin.

To gain the benefits of honey most; use organic, raw honey (Manuka honey for example)! This is important to make sure you choose honey with all of good nutritional contents. Avoid using pasteurized honey since it may have counterproductive ingredients!

What else?

Other potent goodies containing anti-aging properties from your pantry or refrigerator include cucumber, potato, oatmeal, sandalwood, papaya, cinnamon, and probably apple cider vinegar. Always do a patch test first to keep safe!

Since each case varies, there is no single formula that works for everyone. The same goes for remedies mentioned above. Some people find these remedies work well, but in other cases more aggressive treatments are probably required depending on your situation.


Topical application is less likely to cause side effects and more affordable. But it requires discipline, even though if you use OTC fade and tightening creams /lotions. It takes time to see a difference.

While these remedies may help for very mild sagging skin, treatment is usually necessary to improve moderate to severe sagging skin. How about collagen creams, do they work? See more here!

Sagging skin is more difficult to treat than age spots. Sometimes, in severe cases, it may require invasive procedures or even surgical treatment.

So, have you tried one or some of these natural goodies? Let me know your feedback.


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