Does Sagging Skin After Weight Loss Go Away

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Natural tightening solutions include eating healthy-balanced diet and workouts for muscle growth to fill in your loose skin. In general, these lifestyle measures would be quite helpful if the change of your weight wasn’t extreme, this is particularly true if you didn’t have your excess pounds for a long time.


Also, it’s likely to be successful for young individuals since they still have good elastic skin. The quality of your skin matters!

But in case if you had your overweight for very long or had an extreme weight loss, it’s hard to get rid of the problem without some kind of medical procedure. The big challenging thing is probably the expense. You would spend a lot of money on this, about $30,000 if you need a total body lift (for example).

You may be qualified to use a health insurance to cover tummy tuck — but you’ll usually use your own savings for most other body parts since these are considered as cosmetic surgeries, not reconstructive!

Also, surgical procedure is not going without any risk! So, it’s important to comprehensively talk with your healthcare provide before making any decision. If the problem occurs after a bariatric surgery, see your bariatric surgeon for more guidance!

Since each case varies, sometimes it’s worth a try to give the skin a full year of recovery to snap back on its own along with some lifestyle measures mentioned earlier. If the saggy appearance of your skin doesn’t improve significantly after this time, you may need to start considering a medical procedure to deal with.


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