Shoes for Women with Osteoarthritis (Most Common Arthritis)

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  1. Low heel.
  2. Rubber soles.
  3. Good arch support.
  4. Sturdiness, but also flexible enough. Too stiff without flexibility can cause abnormal walking motion!

Does wearing insoles help?

Some doctors recommend inserting special insoles to help reduce the strain so thus may help prevent further damage in the affected joint by osteoarthritis (OA). But according to new studies, the effectiveness of this option is still questionable!

For some sufferers, the use of insoles may help a lot – but not for others. It seems that the recommendation for this option should be on case by case basis. Even the response of each sufferer to the treatment can go differently.

But you don’t need to avoid lateral wedge insoles if you feel that they do help for you. If you think that insoles are not worth a try, the use of cane may become your good alternative choice.

Other things you need to consider!

  1. If you think that your feet are more likely to swell, shopping in the afternoon (the time of when the feet at their largest size) is more recommended so thus you can buy one that actually meet to the size of your feet.
  2. In many people, the size for both of feet is not equal. So when you try shoes, make sure to try directly with both of your feet – not only with one foot. And there should be about 10 millimeter (3/8 inch) of space at the front of toe (especially your longest toe). Think also about how the shoes fit at the back of your heel and under your sole!
  3. Once you first try the shoes on, you need to ensure that they are comfortable enough for both of your feet! Don’t purchase shoes due to they will match on your feet as you get used!
  4. Lace-up shoes are not recommended since you may become difficult to fasten them if you also have osteoarthritis in the fingers. Instead, choose some that are easy to fasten such as shoes with Velcro fastenings or elastic laces.
  5. Avoid shoes with synthetic inner lining since it can make your feet difficult to breath and prone to dampness. Leather inner lining is more breathable material!

* For more advice, work with your podiatrist /doctor! He /she can evaluate the kind of best shoes you should use!

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