Is Soy Milk Good for High Blood Pressure?

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But to keep safe, it’s recommended to consult first with a doctor or your healthcare provider since some properties in soy may interact with medicines that you are taking.


In general, soy doesn’t contain harmful property that can harm your health – particularly for dietary soy. But if you have secondary hypertension that is triggered by underactive thyroid problem or kidney problem, don’t take any soy supplement before talking with your doctor.

Soy contains more phosphorus that may worsen a kidney disease. Its isoflavones may also make underactive thyroid problem get worse.

What else you should concern?

The tricky one you need to know is not all soy milk products have the same value in nutrient. In fact, many types of them are not produced with real soy beans – make sure to read the labels!

To get the most nutritious one, fresh soy milk is the best choice – you can find it at some health food stores.

Furthermore, be also wary about the far-off expiration date, because the further out the date of expiration means the more likely the milk has more additives that can be not too good for your health.

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