Spastic Colon Diet Plan and Home Remedies

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For diarrhea, the following foods should be restricted:

  1. Alcohol and caffeine beverages.
  2. Nicotine – stop smoking (cigarette smoking) if you are a smoker!
  3. Carbonation beverages or other foods that can produce excess gas in the gut as noted before.
  4. Foods high in fats (especially saturated fat /unhealthy fat) and high in simple sugar. Xylitol & sorbitol (artificial sweeteners) also must be avoided!
  5. Dairy products, especially some that high in milk-sugar /lactose such as sour cream, cheese, or ice cream.
  6. And again, choose soluble fiber instead of insoluble fiber if diarrhea strikes!

And for constipation, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Eat more fiber – increase the quantity of your fiber intake gradually, especially for insoluble fiber!
  2. Drink a lot of water – make sure you get plenty of liquid a day! Fiber can absorb water, and drinking adequate water can help your body to pass soft stools in a bowel movement.
  3. Get plenty of physical activity a day – avoid sitting for long hours!

For in-depth information about diarrhea and constipation home remedies, visit this section and here!

Also, manage your stress as well! It’s important for all people with spastic colon to have a good stress management. In fact, stress can trigger and provoke the symptoms.

Take a regular vigorous workout /exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, and swimming. This is important to help maintain your regular bowel movement and reduce tension.

If necessary, some medicines are prescribed to help relieve the symptoms. Ask your doctor for more guidance!


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