Stomach Ulcer When Pregnant

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It has reputation as ‘a wonder pain relief’, because it can powerfully ease pain and relieve fever. It works by blocking the effect of chemicals that stimulate the feeling of pain. It is an NSAID that can circulate through your circulation (bloodstream).


It is also used to help ease inflammation. Other benefits include helping to reduce the risk of blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.

In general pregnant women are not recommended to take aspirin, because it can pose the risk of birth defects. Don’t take it, unless your doctor says it’s OK!


This medicine is also a kind of NSAID. Likewise, it can also block the effect of certain chemicals that raise your feeling of pain. Benefits include lowering fever, easing inflammation and pain.

Pregnant women are not recommended to take ibuprofen along with other NSAIDs. Taking these medicines during pregnancy has been linked to birth defects.

The use of ibuprofen in long term is also associated with a number of serious risks. The main ones are increased risk of stroke and heart attack. According to FDA, the companies should highlight these potential risks in the instructions of the package.

What else?

Pregnant women should avoid Ketoprofen and Naproxen Sodiu. They are other NSAIDs that can also pose the risk of birth defects! Furthermore, regular use of wrong painkillers may lead to refractory ulcer (a condition of when ulcer doesn’t heal with the treatment).

The good news, some painkillers are safe during pregnancy. One of them is acetaminophen. It is not NSAIDs, but can be quite helpful to lower fever and ease pain. It doesn’t pose the risk of bleeding, because it doesn’t thin your blood. Even it’s also safe for women who are nursing.

But to keep safe, ask your doctor first before taking any OTC medicines, including herbs and supplements. Remember, again your healthy pregnancy is the main priority!

Even though if you have stomach ulcer when pregnant, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have normal pregnancy and deliver healthy baby. Talk with your doctor for more guidance, there may be some adjustments you need follow.


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