Tips to Take Care of Oily Skin in Winter Season

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In the winter season, the skin is more likely to dry out. However, some people experience the opposite way, oily skin. Both conditions are bad – nobody wants them. Ideally, your skin should keep moist but not too shiny /greasy. If oily skin is your major concern in the clear days of winter, the following tips may help!

Why do some people tend to have oily skin?

The answer can vary, but experts believe that both hormones and genes may play a key role. Oil is essential to help keep your skin healthy, moist, and smooth. But the problem comes when it can be too much.

The oil is made in sebaceous glands. And some people can have overactive sebaceous glands. Typically, these glands are more likely to become plentiful in certain areas of the body particularly such as face, back, chest, and head.

Since genes may play a key role – if your mom or dad or even both of your parents had oily skin, you tend to have it well. Hormones can have a role in both men and women, particularly in women since women tend to have more episodes of hormonal changes!

The problem can be stimulated by a psychological and physical condition. For instances, it is more likely to occur during stressful period. Aggressively washing and scrubbing also can be a trigger.

How about diet?  What you eat can affect your overall health, including the health of your skin.

However, diet is only one of factors. And if it does have an effect, it has little. In other words, you should not only rely on diet to cope with the problem.

Keep your skin clean!

Cold days in the winter should help you to cope with oily skin since they can help decrease the level of humidity, causing your skin less oily. But this doesn’t mean you can stop caring your oily skin! Decreasing humidity doesn’t guarantee that excess oil will not occur.

The most important thing, you need to know the way of how to care your skin appropriately! This can vary since the oily level is also different from person to person.

image_illustration182But one thing you need to practice, it’s important to keep your skin clean. Wash it twice a day to keep it free from excess sebum!

If your face is your concern, wash it with appropriate gentle cleanser. Avoid using harsh soaps or other stronger cleanser that can cause irritation!

Some people are tempted to use strongest cleanser to get rid of oily skin fast – but this is not the real answer! However, oil is always essential to keep your skin moist and healthy. Again, your goal is to make your skin not too greasy but also not too dry.

If you use a stronger cleanser, there is a chance for irritation to occur. Once you have irritation on your skin, this can make your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. So, go gently with your cleanser!

During winter season, your skin will naturally to become drier than in summer – as noted before. For this reason, you may need to use a very gentle cleanser.

How about oil-based cosmetics?

It’s clear that the use of oil-based cosmetics is the top list that must be avoided in people with oily skin, particularly in summer (the time of the greasiest level can occur).

And in winter, oil-based cosmetics also should still be avoided. Instead, choose water-based /oil-free cosmetics, particularly some with ‘non-comedogenic’ label to eliminate the risk of getting blocked pores in the skin!

Does oily skin still need extra moisture?

Since you skin is easier to become greasy, you may think that you skin has more moisture than it needs. But this is wrong perception! Moisturizing is still essential for oily skin – especially to protect your skin from ageing as you age.

However, the way of how you moisturize greasy skin is different to dry skin. You just need to make sure that you use appropriate moisturizers! Choose to use only an oil-free, light moisturizer! And in cold days of winter, you may need to moisturize your skin more often.

In addition, there are also many moisturizers, cleansers, and toners that are specially designed and purposed for oily skin. For in-depth information about over-the-counters or other products to help cope with greasy skin, visit this section!

The following are some lifestyle approaches to help cope with the problem and improve the entire health of your skin:

  1. Control your stress. Though this issue is not fully understood yet, experts believe that what you feel inside can be reflected on your skin.
  2. Gent plenty of beauty rest with adequate sleep for your beauty skin.
  3. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated!
  4. Have a well-balanced diet, particularly high in vitamin C, E – and lower intakes of saturated fats & simple carbohydrate!
  5. Protect your skin from harmful rays such as ultraviolet (UV) by using appropriate sunblock cream /lotion. Use water-based /oil-free sunscreen if you have oily skin!
  6. Eliminate bad habits such as smoking and abusing alcohol.
  7. Do regular exercise! It’s undeniable that exercise is so essential for your entire health, including your skin. Even though in winter season, you need to get plenty of physical activity!
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