How To Take and Get Accurate Blood Pressure Readings?

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How to locate it properly? Simple, generally the inside bend of your elbow is the easy way where you can locate your pulse. Just lightly press your index & middle fingers slightly to the inside middle /center of the bend of your elbow, there you will find brachial arteries where you can measure your blood pressure.


For in-depth information, read the instruction booklet of your blood pressure monitor that typically included into one package when you purchase the tool!

Use the cuff properly!

Thread the cuff end of your blood pressure monitor through the metal loop, and then slide the cuff of the device onto your upper arm.

And if you use an analog monitor, don’t forget to exactly place the head of stethoscope over the artery. There may be an arrow to mark the location of the head of stethoscope.

And there should be about 1 inch for distance between the bend of your elbow and the lower edge of the cuff. To get an accurate reading, you need to make the cuff snug. For this reason, you can use the fabric fastener – but don’t use it too tight! Now use stethoscope in the ears and then tilt the ear pieces forward (do it slightly) to find the best sound.

How to inflate and deflate the tool?

If you have a digital monitor, below are major checklists of procedure on how to do it properly.

digital_blood_pressur_ monitor_procedure

And if you use an analog /manual monitor:

manual_blood_pressur_ monitor_procedure

If you found not accurate reading (either with digital or manual monitor), you may want to repeat it immediately! But don’t reapply the cuff too soon. Allow for about 1 minute or more before you repeat the measurement.


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