Can Thinning Hair Grow Back Thicker

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Rogaine (like Minoxidil)

First introduced as a medication for hypertension, Rogaine is now much popular for hair loss treatment.

I know it’s not a miracle solution for everyone. Its effectiveness varies from person to person, but you should give it a shot since it’s already approved by the FDA.

There are two variants to choose from; 2 % and 5 % minoxidil. The 2 % solution is available without prescription. And if you’re expecting more powerful effect of the medication, you can try a 5 % minoxidil (but only available with prescription).

The drawback, the effectiveness of hair growth will usually cease when you stop the treatment. So you need a routine use with it! It’s not a permanent solution for thinning hair.

Medications to reduce androgens

If your hair shedding is caused by excess androgens – ‘yes’ androgens, including testosterone can provoke hair loss both in men and women – you need something to restore the balance.

For example, anti-androgen medication (like spironolactone) is probably prescribed in some women if minoxidil fails to work. This is particularly true for those with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), a disorder that makes excess androgens more likely.

In men, finasteride (also approved by the FDA) is likely suggested. Finasteride can target the androgen hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is a common culprit behind many cases of male androgenetic alopecia.


Also called as CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy), this treatment uses very tinny needles to puncture the scalp and induce collagen production. It uses a specialized, safe tool like derma-roller or derma-stamp.

In appropriate way, microneedling would be effective enough to boost cutaneous blood flow to the scalp. As a result, you’re likely to grow healthy and strong hair – one study suggests [6].

Also, microneedling may work more effectively if combined with other treatments, minoxidil for example. The puncture would make the medication penetrate better into the scalp, inducing hair regrowth more optimally [7].

Hair transplant

Hair transplant, though it costs a fortune, is a quick fix solution. Even the result would be permanent as long as we do the procedure correctly.

Most men with thinning hair, including those with androgenetic alopecia are good candidates for hair transplant. But the story is different in women.

Hair transplant doesn’t work for all women with androgenetic alopecia. Even most of them are not good cadidates for the procedure (see more here)!

For comprehensive evaluation (especially if your thinning hair doesn’t improve with lifestyle measures or OTC medications), see a dermatologist!


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