Can Too Much Calcium Cause High Blood Pressure?

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Overtime, kidneys stones can be potential to cause kidneys damage. What is kidney stone? And how does it occur?

This health problem occurs when the balance of substances (such as salts, water, minerals, and other substances) found in your urine changes. The kind of kidney stone is determined by how the change of this balance occurs.

In fact, most cases of kidney stone is calcium-type that occurs when the normal balance of calcium in the urine changes.

Kidney stone can obstruct the flow of urine from kidneys to bladder through urinary tract. And there is potential to cause kidneys damage when these stones are large enough to block the urine flow from kidneys to bladder.

In healthy individuals, this block may not cause serious damage – but if the stone completely blocks the urinary tract longer than 14 days, kidneys damage can be potential to occur.

And you need to know that kidney problem ranks at the top cause of secondary hypertension (a kind of hypertension that is more influenced and associated with certain health condition). High blood pressure due to kidneys disease is medically called as renal hypertension.


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