Type-1 Diabetes with Low Blood Sugar

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Below are some major checklists to reduce your risk of hypoglycemia.


About carbohydrates! If you have diabetes, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need carbohydrate from your diet. Skipping carbohydrate can make you have lack of energy and fatigue. In extremely situation, very low carbohydrate diet can lead to hypoglycemia.

Nevertheless, you should be smart on choosing your carbohydrate. In general, complex carbohydrate is much more recommended than simple carbohydrate! Complex carbohydrate is slower digested and can help maintain the balance of your blood sugar throughout the day.

Probably, it’s still OK eat simple carbohydrate such as cakes and jellies, but do this in moderation. Again, most of your carbohydrate intake per day should come from complex carbohydrate.

Get plenty of fiber a day! Fiber is a substance found in food that cannot be digested. It is not only good for your overall digestive system in long term, but also can promote a better balance of blood glucose throughout the day.

Eating adequate fiber a day can make other foods that you eat will be slower to be digested – as a result, foods that you eat are less likely to give a sudden impact for the rise of your blood glucose level.

What else?

  1. Eat plenty of fruits a day! For better result, eat the whole fruit rather than juice of fruit.
  2. Keep hydrate – get plenty of fluid /water a day!
  3. Always stick with your regular meals and healthy snacks! Eating at irregular basis increases your risk of hypoglycemia.
  4. Caffeine beverages, eating too many simple-sugar foods at once, and drinking alcohol too much with empty stomach should be avoided!
  5. To keep safe, it’s much better to stop drinking alcohol. Many studies found that excessive alcohol may block the liver in releasing glycogen to be converted become glucose for energy.
  6. And always stick to a well-balanced diet. This is also useful to help maintain your healthy weight. Having healthy weight means you have a better prognosis in controlling your blood sugar.

In case of hypoglycemia that occurs during fasting (between your meals or before your breakfast), try with some healthy snacks with complex carbohydrate and foods high in protein before bedtime — or ask your dietitian for more advice!

If early hypoglycemia symptoms strike, you can consider some of the following options of fast-acting carbohydrate to restore the balance immediately:

  1. Consume a tablespoon of corn syrup or table sugar or honey.
  2. Drink a half cup of soft-drink or fruit juice.
  3. Drink a cup of skim milk.
  4. Or take 3-4 pieces of hard candy.
  5. Ask also your doctor whether glucose gels /tablets are safe for your option of first aid to treat hypoglycemia!

*Follow 15/15 rule–  consume 15 grams of carbohydrate mentioned above and wait 15 minutes!

Be careful – don’t over treat your hypoglycemia! Over treating the problem may cause hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)! If the problem doesn’t improve, see a doctor promptly!


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