Types of Acne and How to Treat Them!

Having problem with acne, something like that is a very common thing that can happen to anyone. Want to treat this troubling matter? The first step you should take is identifying what types of acne you are dealing with. And depends from that types of acne, you will determine which types of acne treatments you should use.

To put it simple, acne can be divided into 3 types of acne regarding the severity.

Moreover, in each of those 3 types will contain 2 more specific types of acne. Below is the list of them along with the types of acne treatments you can do on each.

Mild acne

This is the most common mild types of acne that you may deal with. This one is also known as comedo (singularity) or comedones (collectively). What makes this acne less serious than other is because it causes no redness or inflammation. As to make it easy for you to tell it apart from other types for acne, it shouldn’t hurt when touched.

acne_treatment_illustrationTwo types of comedones and the treatments:

  1. Blackheads or open comedones. This one is occurred when there is cellular debris got exposed to oxygen directly. It causes oxidation which leads the material to turn black, make it easy to spot.
  2. Whiteheads or closed comedones. In this case, the hair follicle is completely covered by oil and cellular debris which prevent the material to turn black. Generally it comes in white or skin-color.

The first treatment for blackheads that you can do is by practicing good hygiene. It can be done by using scrub or mild cleanser 1 or 2 times a day. Also, Avoid oil-based makeup and use water based makeup instead.

In blackheads case, to remove blackheads that already formed there, you can use pore strips/sticky strips which is inexpensive to purchase. However if that doesn’t solve your case, take another cleansing practice with topical treatment can be your choice. See also the link between your lifestyles and acne flare-ups!

Moderate Acne

You can take this one as inflamed acne which is red and painful yet isn’t serious enough to cause permanent scarring or cysts. There are two types of acne that can be classified here:

  1. Papules – lump of acne which are red but contain no fluid or pus.
  2. Pustules –infected papules which contain pus (white fluid-like substance that you can find in side acne)

The types of acne treatments for both papules and pustule are pretty much the same. Just like when dealing with comedones, good hygiene practice is your first step of treatment here.

Using cleanser or scrub, avoid oil-based makeup, and removing makeup before go to bed are what you can do here. However, unlike the comedones case, picking or extraction shouldn’t be done here since that may only cause worse inflammation and scarring. Also, doing that is less likely to help accelerate the recovery.

Since good hygiene practice alone may not suffice to resolve this matter, other types of acne treatments can be gotten over-the-counter. There should be many of it available there. The effectiveness of each treatment may differ on each individual. So, take your time and find one that suits you.

Severe Acne

Large amount of papules, painful, and risk of permanent scarring and cysts make this one become the most serious acne problem out there. Two types of it are:

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