Ulcer Pain Relief at Night

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  1. Though there is no specific diet for ulcers, certain foods may drive the pain get worse at night. These may include spicy foods, milk, fatty foods, and foods high in salt.
  2. Don’t smoke and avoid alcohol, at least until your ulcer is completely healed. Both smoking and alcohol can worsen the symptoms and make the disease take longer to heal.
  3. Make yourself comfortable on bed! For instance, wear loose-soft clothing so you can sleep well all night long. If you sleep with tight clothing, this can constrict your abdomen and cause more pressure that might irritate your ulcer.
  4. Snacking on an apple 2-3 hours before going to sleep might help, too. The apple skin has a substance called pectin, a natural antacid.

Herbal remedies

A number of herbs and home remedies are also available to help cope with stomach ulcer symptoms, though most of them are not scientifically confirmed yet. These include:

  1. Aloe vera juice. Aloe has essential components which some might help neutralize your stomach acid. But don’t overtake aloe juice since it can act like as a laxative!
  2. Cranberry to help fight against H-pylori, a type of bacteria that often causes ulcers. You can take cranberry in foods, juice, or extracts.
  3. Try herbal teas such as fennel (to reduce the stomach acid levels), chamomile (it can act as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce stomach pain), and ginger (for stomach pain relief by acting as a soothing and anti-inflammatory agent).

Other alternative options that might help include slippery elm, licorice root, and apple cider vinegar [source].

But to keep safe, talk with your doctor before taking any alternative treatments (including supplements and herbs) since some could interfere with your ulcer medications or cause serious problems if you take them improperly!

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