Uneven Hairline on Forehead, How to Fix It?

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How about hair transplant? Hair transplant requires a mature, stabilized donor site of your scalp. So it’s not your best bet when you’re too young. In general, it’s not recommended for men in their 20s.

Does it work effectively? It promises good prognosis of new hair regrowth, including on the bald spots. It works better than OTC hair restoration products, but it costs a fortune.

If traction alopecia is responsible for your uneven hairline

Traction alopecia has various variations in pattern, depending on which part of the scalp is affected. Mostly, it affects forehead area and sides of the scalp, which is usually dependent on your hair care practices.

If traction alopecia is to blame, your uneven hairline may also be followed with other symptoms such as a pulling sensation in the affected area, itching, scaling, redness, multiple short broken hairs, and inflamed hair follicles (folliculitis) [6]. For more guidance about suspicion of this traction, see a dermatologist!

The first thing to deal with traction alopecia is renouncing any bad tight hairstyles or hair care practices that provoke the problem. For examples – avoid cornrows, braids, weaves, tight ponytails & buns, and excessive use of rollers, heat, or bad chemicals to set hair! Cutting long hair is also worth a try!

If hair loss has not become advanced, the affected hair follicles will regrow naturally in months. Meanwhile your dermatologist may also prescribe medical treatments (if necessary, depending on your situation). These may include antibiotics, antifungal shampoos, biotin supplements, or minoxidil.

In advanced cases, hair replacement surgery may be suggested. Surgery is likely to be suggested if the damage of hair follicles is severe or permanent.

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