Ways to Lose Weight Fast at Home and FREE!

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Get more physical activity!

Since you should get in calories not lower than 1,050, you cannot rely on weight loss diet alone! You need to burn more calories with exercise and other things that can make you get moving more.


Fortunately, the safely weight loss at short time doesn’t mean you need to take strenuous exercise every day. Just provide an hour of your day to do your regular exercise (moderate exercise), and this can be helpful enough to give you about 2 pounds of weight loss per week.

For better result, you should not only rely on cardio exercise (like walking and biking). You need to combine it with strength training, particularly true if you are now over 30.

Strength training can help improve the weight of your lean muscles and metabolic rate. Cardio exercises are great to burn the most of your calories, but don’t forget also to do strength training for a few hours a week in order to gain more muscles so thus you will not gain weight easier afterward!

Playing with some interval training is also great to burn more calories. For instance if you love walking, increase the speed of your walk for few seconds or minutes than back to normal. Repeat it in different intervals.

If you just walk with ordinary steps or do the same exercise every day, your muscles can get used and they will use calories more efficient to respond the training. So, ensure you get more variety of motions /movements during exercise to lose more calories. See also how to burn calories without exercise!

Afterward how to keep it off?

Love your health much more than the desire of getting into your favorite outfit. 

Your health is everything, and if you are really able to love your health, you are more likely to always have a better idea on ‘what-and how much’ you eat! It can be a powerful and natural controller on your weight control. You will do your exercise with fun because you love your health, either eating healthfully in a well-balanced diet.


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