What Can Gestational Diabetes Do to Your Baby?

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Baby in pregnancy needs plenty of energy to develop & grow. But if the baby’s body is supplied with too much blood sugar, there is a chance for the baby to get higher energy supply and stored as fat.

If this continuously occurs, it increases the risk of a condition called ‘macrosomia’ or gaining weigh excessively – as a result, you are likely to deliver a overweight newborn (larger or heavier than average).

If you are not diagnosed with GD in your first pregnancy but you deliver an overweight baby (over 9 pounds), you may also have a greater chance of developing GD in your next pregnancy.

Furthermore, babies with macrosomia are also at high risk of some pregnancy complications, which may include:

  1. Hypoglycemia (too low blood sugar) due to the excessive production of insulin during pregnancy.
  2. Breathing problems (such as respiratory distress syndrome).
  3. The risk of having obesity problem later in their life.

In addition, poorly-controlled gestational diabetes may cause increased risk of type-2 diabetes for your baby. Moreover, uncontrolled blood sugar in pregnant women with GD can increase the risk of delivering the baby earlier before the due date.

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