What Are Causes Of Temporary High Blood Pressure?

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Stress and anxiety

After exercise, stress may be the second common cause of temporary high blood pressure. Many studies confirmed that stress can raise the systolic and diastolic pressure.


Though it may only cause temporary hypertension, but if you have stress too often, it can be serious problem to the health of your heart and cardiovascular system. And like stress, anxiety also can do the same way to your blood pressure.

Hormones of pregnancy

The role of pregnancy hormones in causing raised systolic and diastolic pressure is still unclear. But in fact, there are many pregnant women reported that they experienced temporary hypertension during pregnancy.

Some experts believe that the increased volume of blood during pregnancy (about 50% higher than normal) that flows through arteries may be the answer.

Caffeinated beverages

When it comes to the beverages that can increase blood pressure, caffeinated beverages rank at the top cause.

If you have hypertension, any beverages that contain caffeine should be restricted. Even if you don’t have hypertension, these beverages can cause temporary increase in you systolic and diastolic pressure.

Other causes

The use of herbs that contain licorice in long term (particularly when you take these herbs in large amounts) will probably cause temporary increase in systolic and diastolic pressure.


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