What Are Fibromyalgia (Fibrositis) Causes?

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Sleep problems

One of major problems often reported by people with fibromyalgia /fibrositis is sleep problems.


Some of them even experience difficulty sleeping for stage 4 (the level of your sleep in which your body can optimally repair itself – that’s why we can call this stage as the restful stage of your sleep).

Some experts theorize that sleep deprivation (particularly lack of sleep for stage 4) can reduce the ability of the body in repairing itself, including for repairing the tiny tears & trauma that you can experience almost every day – which then may lead to a vulnerable stage for the body to easily get muscle pain & fatigue.

However, this theory is still debatable. Even some experts say that sleep problems are the consequence of fibromyalgia – not a cause of the disease!

Other possible causes

It’s not clear whether fibromyalgia and other rheumatic diseases share the same cause. But some experts think that having lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or other rheumatic diseases are the risk factors of fibromyalgia.

Another possible cause is infection or injury. In some cases, injury can trigger fibromyalgia – particularly for injury to the neck or upper spine. Some viral and bacterial infections also can be a trigger.

The way of how people with fibromyalgia notice the symptoms of the disease for the first can vary.

Some say that the symptoms occur gradually over time. And others find the symptoms appear for the first time after specific-triggering event such as injury, infection, illness, or even psychological problem such as high stress.


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