What Does High Cholesterol Feel Like?

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Pain of chest

It can be a symptom of many different health conditions. But sometime it also can be a sign of the advance stage of high cholesterol.



Too high level of cholesterol also can worsen your blood pressure level which then can lead to hypertension. Typically, hypertension also often doesn’t cause any symptom until it gets worse to its severe stage.

If the symptoms of hypertension do occur – they could be dizzy spells, dull headaches, or sometime followed with abnormal nosebleeds (more nosebleeds than usual).

Coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is another common complication. Excessive cholesterol and fat carried lipoprotein through blood can make a plague build up on the walls of arteries – as noted before.

Overtime, this build up can lead to a medical condition called atherosclerosis (hardened artery) that can reduce the diameter of artery itself (narrowed artery). If this occurs, there is a chance for you to develop a medical health problem called coronary heart disease.


While cholesterol can increase the risk of hypertension, both high cholesterol and high blood pressure can work together in creating a great combination to cause stroke. It occurs when an arthrosclerosis forms in one or some of blood vessels that carry blood to the brain.

Some common early signs of stroke may include abnormal pins and needles sensation (without known reason), numbness of certain parts of the body (such as leg, arm, and face) with unknown reason, a severe & sudden headache, problem with seeing (either in one or both sides), problem with walking, and problem with understanding & speaking.


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