What Is A Good Face Wash for Pimples (Acne Prone Skin)?

Pimples may have started in your adolescent years, the time when hormones & age work together to create a great combination in making awful flare-ups of breakouts. Overall, anyone can experience acne – even for elderly people. The most important thing is how to cope with it so thus you can keep confident day by day in your life. And if you seriously want to prevent any flare-ups of acne, it’s important to have good skin care practices. Are all kinds of soaps good for acne prone skin? What is a good face wash to improve and prevent pimples? Learn more!


Why you need to have a good face wash practice?

Choosing the right soap or cleanser is one of the most important things when it comes to washing your face. Furthermore, don’t forget about the kind of water you use (warm, cold, or too hot), and the way on how you apply the cleanser ‘clean technique’.

good_face_wash_for_pimples_illustrationOverall, you need to provide a little extra effort and time to practice a good skin care in order to get your best chance in fighting acne flare-ups.

Using an appropriate cleanser is also another crucial thing. The right cleanser will be helpful to promote faster healing. It can help remove unfriendly bacteria and dead cells on the skin that can worsen the problem of clogged pores (clogged opening pores are the starting point for acne to develop). Cleaning dead cells on the skin is also important for any acne cream and medication to be absorbed by cells of the skin.

A good face wash for pimples – how to do it?

The answer may vary from man to man and woman to woman, but the following are some common recommendation you can follow:

Take a bath twice a day!

Face may be the most acne prone skin, but most people also have other sites with acne prone skin such as chest, neck, upper arms, etc. By taking a bath twice a day can help remove any dirt and unfriendly bacteria that can be potential to clog the skin’s opening pores.

However, don’t do ‘over washing’ – especially for your face. Over washing can lead to some new problems, such as dry skin. See also the link between dry skin and breakouts!

When washing your face, use the right clean technique!

Never scrub your face when you wash it, otherwise this can be counterproductive and cause skin damage. Scrubbing your face also increases your chance of having dry skin on the face!

Roughly clean your face may also cause trauma to the breakouts which then can be potential to cause acne scarsTherefore, gently rub your cleanser into the face, and then use lukewarm water to rinse it for the best result.

Furthermore, avoid using scrubbing material, washcloth, sponge, or terrycloth to wash your face – it’s much better to use your hands and fingers!

Protect your skin!

Skin care doesn’t stop once you finish your bath and leave your bathroom.

Any bad environmental factors can affect the health of your skin. If you are an individual who have a lot of outdoor activities, the use of sunscreen with SPF should be one of your top lists in protecting your skin.

For acne prone skin, light-liquid based /water based /free-oil sunscreens are commonly the best choice. If necessary wear a hat and other appropriate cloths to help protect your exposed skin from ultraviolet of the sun.

What are cleansers /soaps you need to avoid?

Cleansers that don’t work effectively in removing dirt on the skin should be avoided. Because they also will not be strong enough to help make your face and skin clean!

Don’t use any harsh soap to wash your face.

Harsh soap may help reduce your excessive oil (particularly if you have face with oily skin), but it can make the skin of your face to become too tight and too dry which then may cause irritation, redness, or other problems on your face!

What else other things you need to avoid?

  1. Avoid applying crushed aspirin! You may ever hear that crushed aspirin can be a helpful home remedies and natural herb to improve pimples – but this is only a myth and even can be harmful since applying it on the face or on other sites of acne prone skin may cause irritation.
  2. Hiding your pimples with the wrong accessories. For instance, if you have some pimples on the forehead, you may want to hide them by using a tight-fitting headband /cap. This may provide a quick fix, but will be bad for the process of healing since it can cause more friction, bring more heat, and also trigger decreased oxygen into the skin.

You might also be tempted to get a facial to help improve the problem. Taking facial sometime can help treat and improve pimples, but typically it will not work at short time. Instead, your skin may look more irritated in the short term.

There is nothing wrong with facial, but if you will have a crucial event coming up, it’s much better to get a facial about 2-3 weeks beforehand.

What are soaps /cleansers you should choose?

For practical option in finding one that meets to your skin needs, you can make an appointment with your dermatologist and find more advice. Your doctor /dermatologist can prescribe a specific over-the-counter cleanser that work best for your acne treatment. This idea is more recommended if your severe flare-ups of acne.

But for frugal option for mild problem of pimples, there are also some inexpensive products of over-the-counter cleanser that you can buy at a local drug store /supermarket.

Overall, it’s not only about how much you can spend. The most important thing is how well a specific product you choose will work and meet to your skin needs!

Here are some helpful tips :


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